White Barn

Built in the late ‘30s this Sears “kit barn” serves as home to our various farm animals and a reminder to a time when barns were shipped on rail cars throughout the country.  The iconic “X” on the doors served to make these doors stronger. 

Red Barn

Older than the White Barn, this beautiful wooden barn provides a glimpse to the farm’s history as a dairy farm, with a large hay loft that was designed for cold Virginia winters and the need to store sufficient hay for the cattle down below.  It’s “barn red” was created from iron oxide which gave its color and was used as a wood preservatives and insecticide.

Corn Crib

Designed to house corn after harvest. The slats in the interior walls allowed the corn to dry out and stay dry until it was used. Corn Cribs were originally used by Native Americans but quickly adopted by early settlers who saw the great value in their ability to preserve valuable crops. This building will be repurposed to serve as a central location for bathrooms and caterers prep area.

Guest House

Our newest building at the farm is an ode to Midcentury Modern style, built in the early 60s it now provides space for everything from dinner parties, workshops to overnight farm stays.

The Willows

With an abundance of underground springs willow trees have sprouted up to create a beautiful ceremony spot or perfect picnic area.  The canopy of willow trees creates a very romantic back drop.

The Paddocks

Horse paddocks


The Guest House Patio is the perfect spot for alfresco entertaining