Camilla and Rob’s Story

Owners Camilla and Rob purchased Cedar Mountain Farm in 2012, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Camilla grew up on a ranch in Arizona, and as an adult longed to return to her bucolic roots.  

Both she and Rob wanted respite from their demanding careers and from the hectic, harried pace of everyday life. To them, the Farm provides the perfect setting for sitting back and enjoying a return to the lost art of slow living.

Camilla and Rob are proud to be the stewards of this historic Farm, and of the work that commitment entails. They are delighted to open this special place for others to enjoy.


Built in the mid-1800s, Cedar Mountain Farm began under the ownership of the Reverend Phillip Slaughter, whose family’s presence in the region dates back to the Revolutionary War. Slaughter’s descendants owned the farm until the 1960s, and many still live in the region.

During the Civil War, the Farm was the site of the Battle of Cedar Mountain--the only battle in which Stonewall Jackson ever drew his sword.

In the process of rehabilitating the Farm, Camilla and Rob unearthed many of its original foundations, allowing historians to gain more insight into the property’s rich history.

Today, Cedar Mountain Farm raises cows, chickens, goats, geese and ducks as well as growing feed crops. The Farm is held in a conservation easement by the Virginia Outdoor Foundation, which protects the property from subdivision and ensures the preservation of open space for generations to come.

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