Birthday Season


“You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake. It’s like, ‘see if you can blow this out.’” Jerry Seinfeld

I was sitting at the airport yesterday after a whirlwind trip to Arizona where I was able to pack in a very impromptu reunion/birthday breakfast with my “old” business partners, catch up with one of my dearest friends who was willing to drop everything (with only a few minutes notice) to come watch me get my hair done, scoot over to my doctor’s office, and race to the airport all in less than 24 hours.  Next stop- LA for business meetings with Stella Studio and then on to San Francisco for the weekend. This trip was my version of trying to squeeze it all in and reminds me that life is way too busy at times and it would be nice to have a pause button every now and then.

Speaking of hitting the pause marks my husband’s birthday and sadly I couldn’t be there when he woke up to mark another trip around the sun- a trip neither one of us takes lightly.  Instead, we will begin the “birthday season” this weekend when we meet in San Francisco. Thankfully, I taught him the concept of “birthday seasons” when we first started dating, and it is coming in handy this year.  I firmly believe that the older you get the longer your “season” should be. Please don’t interpret this as me saying he is getting old - far from it!

In light of this auspicious day, I thought I might share some fun facts about Rob:

  • The extremely cool glasses I am wearing (thanks @garrettleight) are because he made me buy them and taught me that glasses are a wardrobe accessory and not just a means of reading the extremely small print they started using right around the time I turned 40!

  • He loves baguettes and nearly every vacation we have ever taken includes a photo of him with a baguette sticking out of his backpack or in his hands. On a trip back from France, he was almost mugged for his baguettes. If you had tasted the food on our flight you would understand.

  • He proposed to me three times before I finally said, “YES.” (Okay, I might have been a little commitment-phobic in those days). As a symbol of his undying love, he offered me a gold plastic “Dollar Store” engagement ring which also came with earrings and a necklace, I might add. Little did I know he had purchased the beautiful vintage diamond engagement ring I had seen a couple of years earlier in a jewelry store when we were on vacation in La Jolla with friends.  This leap of faith, despite my lousy track record on his earlier proposals, speaks to his willingness to give me time to come around.

  • If you ever have the good fortune of traveling with him, you will never go hungry.  He has the equivalent of a Mary Poppins backpack which seems bottomless and has an endless supply of nuts, dried mangos, an apple or two (don’t ask me about going through customs with him when we were returning from Mexico recently), and maybe a sandwich that he whipped together the night before.

  • He is one of the smartest people I have ever met as well as one of the funniest.  Qualities I find essential for the success of our marriage - especially the sense of humor.

  • He has a terrible sense of direction - but if you’re traveling with him at least you won’t starve to death!

  • He tried selling water softeners when he was in college to get by - thankfully, he was an awful salesperson and instead became a doctor which is his true calling, just ask any of his patients!

To this man who has made my life so much brighter and a lot funnier (please never stop talking to and for the animals in all your hilarious voices) and supported my dreams and crazy ideas without flinching (okay, he flinches a little every time I say, “hey, I had this idea…”) Happy Happy Birthday - I love you and can’t wait to see you!

Camilla Strongin