New Years’ Resolutions?

New Years’ Resolutions?

Recently while on vacation with my husband in the Yucatán Peninsula I had the opportunity to spend time with a fascinating woman, an expert on the teachings of Mayan culture.  She taught me the basics of the Mayan calendar and some of their philosophies and spiritual beliefs.  One of the most clarifying moments for me was the idea that we all have these different calendars that we live by depending on our religion, philosophy or even our profession.  Living on a farm is a constant reminder that the seasons and weather keep their own calendar.  The animals live by it and we do as well.

This discussion got me thinking about the fascination with setting New Years’ resolutions so I did a little investigating. In a quick Google search, I found plenty of recommendations on how to come up with, stick with, and use technology to be better with resolution keeping. Not surprisingly there are various apps to keep you on track if you don’t trust yourself.  One interesting article I ran across was a  list of 57 Time-Tested Resolutions, from Forbes magazine  In all seriousness, B.C. Forbes, the founding editor of Forbes, was on to something when he wrote his 57 resolutions back in 1919.

Here are some of my favorites which seem pretty appropriate nearly 100 years later:

 I resolve...

To strive to contribute something to the world, its work and the people in it.

To commend more and condemn less.

To pour oil on the machinery of my business rather than drop grit on it.

To realize how little I really deserve.

To recognize how much I really have.

I have never personally been a big believer in making resolutions just one time a year. Perhaps it has to do with my strong philosophy of living “one day at a time.”  It feels daunting to me and a little like I am setting myself up for a fall if I put something out there for the next 365 days.  Instead, I am more comfortable looking at my life throughout the year, making corrections along the way. 

As I look at the year ahead, I will remind myself that while my plate is full with running the farm, on-going construction projects, gardening plans, growing the various  businesses I am involved with and, most importantly of all; being present with my family, things will get done in their own time and their own way.  I will think of B.C. Forbes and recognize just how much I really have!

Below please enjoy some of the photos from Yucatán Peninsula!

Have a wonderful New Year!

Camilla Strongin