5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Summer Floral Arrangement

There is nothing like a  beautiful fragrant bouquet to lift your spirits and bring joy to your day.

But, not all of us can put together a professionally looking arrangement and buying professionally certainly can be expensive. Whether you gather flowers and greenery from your own garden or buy flowers at the farmer’s market, creating your own beautiful floral arrangement does not have to be intimidating. Your own imagination along with some basic ‘tricks of the trade’ are all you need to create lovely floral arrangements of any style. 


1. Finding a great container is as easy as looking around your house. There are many possibilities other than vases including Mason jars, pitchers, compote bowls, and decorative coffee and tea pots. 

2. The best flowers to pick at the farmer’s market or grocery store are the ones that catch your eye and tickle your fancy. Choose a palette you like and pick five or six different blooms and greenery all together. Vary the shapes and sizes to give your bouquet texture. For example, round flowers like dahlias or peonies along with few longer, pointier flowers like stock, heather, or lisianthus. Greenery like eucaluptus, lemon, leaf and dusty miller fill in arrangements nicely. Some greenery you may have growing in your yard like ivy, fern, hosta, and clematis greens can add movement and height.


3. Use floral tape or clear cellophane tape to create a grid pattern across the top of the vessel to help hold the flowers in place. Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line. Cut stems at a 45 degree to allow water to be absorbed efficiently and place in water immediately when cut.  To help your arrangement stay fresh, re-cut stems periodically before adding fresh water. Floral food can be added to the water or mix a drop of bleach and 1 tablespoon of sugar in the water to prevent bacteria growth.


4.  Create a foundation with the greenery by crisscrossing the stems in the container.  Vary the stem length of the greenery so some drape over the container while others create height.  This webbing of greenery will hold the flowers in place and allow you to experiment with placement of the flowers. 


5.  Add larger face flowers next building on the asymmetrical shape you created with the greenery. Continue this technique with smaller blooms. Turn the container as you go to fill in any pockets, adding any additional greenery if needed. It is better to keep your beautiful flower design out of direct sunlight or heat to prevent wilting. 


We obviously love having fresh flowers here at the Farm. What are your favorite summer florals? Hydrangeas, garden roses and peonies are some of our favorites. Share with us pictures of your favorite flowers on Instagram some of your favorite blooms with #CedarMountainFarmFlowers.

Photography By: Mary Elizabeth Creative

Elise Crawford